Bespoke Cat Portraits

Rachel is delighted to do a portrait of your own very special puss. Done from a photograph, you can decide what size and style of portrait you would like.

A cat portrait makes a wonderful and special gift for birthdays, weddings or any other occasion!

Starting price is £60. Contact Rachel to discuss further.

Peanut’s Photo

A small portrait of Peanut. Ink on paper.
A preparatory sketch of Solange

Photo of Solange:

Have you ever thought about having a cat portrait done for your favourite furry friend? Commissioning bespoke cat portraits is a lovely way of capturing the distinctive features of your cats. Whilst photographs can be very cute, bespoke cat portraits have the magic of being original art, something which an artist has spend many hours over and this provides something that only original art can. In modern times even with the ease of modern digital photography, people commission original portraits as they really do capture something truly unique and unrepeatable. Artists are able to bring out the ‘beingness’ of the subject in a way that photographs simply cannot, something that the soul recognises. Original black cat portraits make a wonderful momento of either your own very special furry friend, or a very special and thoughtful gift for someone else. Cat portraits make particularly special wedding or birthday gifts. 

Rachel takes many many hours to lovingly produce a cat portrait and can do them using a range of media and portrait sizes. So you can have a cat portrait done in pen and ink, watercolours, pencil, pastels or any other medium of your choice. You can also have it done from an mini-print size (A5) right through to a much bigger one that is designed to be framed and displayed just like a traditional human portrait. She is very happy to go through your exact requirements and to discuss exactly what is possible. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.